16 August 2017
SeENS International Neurosurgery Course "Walking the silk road" - Istanbul - Turkey
LOCATION; Istanbul
PERIOD: 16th - 20th August, 2017

Dear Colleauges,
It is our pleasure and honor to announce you that the SeENS International Neurosurgery Course “The Silk Road of Neurosurgery”, a new and innovative event in basic neurosurgical education, will be starting soon.

The Silk Road of Neurosurgery has specifically designed by The South East European Neurosurgical Society (SeENS) with the support of education experts in the field. It consists of four annual courses of 4 days each, covering all aspects of the Neurosurgery.
We believe the participants will have a unique opportunity not only for scientific achievements, but also enhanced cooperation and friendship.
We look forward to seeing you among us in this unique event in Istanbul.