26 October 2017
6th MASSIN CONGRESS "Neurosurgery as a Way of Life" - Bečići, Budva - Montenegro
LOCATION: Bečići, Budva
PERIOD: 26th - 29th October, 2017

Dear Colleauges,
Dear colleagues and friends, It is my great honour, privilege and pleasure to welcome you to the 6th MASSIN Congress in Bečići, Budva, Montenegro, October 26-29 2017.
As is well known, the MASSIN meetings, aimed at sharing and developing Prof. Madjid Samii's vision and philosophy in neurosurgery, always have a special flavour due to the unique synergy of expertise and th friendship. Aiming to enhance this synergy, the 6th MASSIN Congress is dedicated to a special anniversary – the 80th birthday of Prof. Madjid Samii, whose outstanding contribution to the field is captured in the motto “Neurosurgery as a Way of Life”...(READ MORE)
8:00 AM